Rolling Rankings

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Nov 16, 2017
BAOC's Sunol Regional Wilderness, held on October 29 has been added to the rankings. This is a single day National Ranking Event, free to the club of the national event fees, and was the first held.
Valerie Meyer

Apr 09, 2017
Thanks to OCIN's Matthew Robbins for speeding results processing. Rankings through today's Flying Pig have been posted.
Valerie Meyer

May 06, 2016
Yes, indeed, this is a new rankings note...just to show that I am alive and well, even if I am at a loss for words. Have a good day!
Valerie Meyer

Jun 03, 2014
A new round of rankings have been posted, and with this update, I will no longer be adjusting names when there is a difference between the race results and the rankings. So, if you register for a race as Val, then you will be shown as Val in the rankings. If, at the next event, you register as Valley, then you will be Valley in the rankings. And, if, at the next event, you race under Valerie, then your ranking will be under Valerie.

Valerie Meyer

Jan 22, 2014
The rankings site has been moved to the OUSA server. If you see any issues, please contact me through the Contact tab.
Valerie Meyer

May 13, 2013
Rankings have been updated. Just an FYI - a new rule went into effect on January 1, 2013, and your ranking is now based on the average of your top 4 runs. All scores not in the top four are thrown out.
Valerie Meyer

Oct 24, 2012
Some of you may have noticed that the post-NAOC rankings were available on Sunday evening, the evening of the last NAOC event. Well, this was in large part to my assistant of the last year, Allen Hubsch of LAOC. I sent Allen the NAOC entry list ahead of time, and he assigned the rankings ID to that file, doing all of the fiddling ahead of time to resolve different versions of names and clubs, so that the data was ready to go as soon as the results were ready to go. OK, we missed one name difference that I know of, but having the rankings ID in ahead of time, so that the rankings were posted quickly, was pretty cool! Thank you, Allen.
Valerie Meyer

Sep 03, 2012
The long summer with no ranked USA orienteering events is over thanks to events put on in Laramie. Rankings have been updated to reflect the results from the Western States Orienteering Championships.
Valerie Meyer

May 31, 2012
The first half of the 2012 orienteering season ended with a bang with the wildly successful Western Mass 5 Day (2 ranked events plus 3 unranked events). Almost seven thousand dollars was raised for the Ski-O team.

With the orienteering scene moving to Europe and Canada until the end of August, there will be events rolling off the rankings at the end of June and July, but nothing will be added. So, the summer months are posted, and I get to sit back and put my feet up for a while.

Well, not really. I'll be working on a Rankings FAQ, so drop me an email if you have a question that you would like to see answered.

On a final note, I have not mailed out the 2011 rankings patches, but these WILL go out within the week. My apologies to anyone watching the mailbox waiting for it to arrive.
Valerie Meyer

Apr 14, 2012
Final M/F-20 rankings applicable to the 2012 JWOC team selection, with a detailed explanation, are available here.
Valerie Meyer

Apr 10, 2012
Final M/F-20 rankings, applicable to the 2012 JWOC Team selection, will be posted following notification of those selected to the Team and alternates.
Guy Olsen

Mar 22, 2012
M/F-20 rankings applicable to the 2012 JWOC team selection, with a detailed explanation, are available here.
Valerie Meyer

Mar 21, 2012
The two sprints from the Sprint Black Diamond have been added to the rankings. The next additions will be four events from the Flying Pig March 30-April 1. The final JWOC rankings will be posted after the Flying Pig.
Valerie Meyer

Mar 13, 2012
BOK has submitted their results for the event this past weekend, and they have been incorporated into the Rolling Rankings.
Valerie Meyer

Mar 08, 2012
The OUSA Web and Rankings Committees have joined together to update the OUSA rankings process and website. Besides making the information easier to navigate, a more automated back office process will make it possible to update the rankings soon after results are received from an event.

Future enhancements will include an FAQ section, so feel free to suggest questions related to rankings which you would like to see answered.

Please note that the Official 2010 and 2011 End-of-Year rankings, which break down the rankings by OUSA membership and assign the Gold, Silver, & Bronze awards level, can be found in the Archive.
Valerie Meyer

Mar 08, 2012
Patches will be mailed to everyone who earned one on approximately March 15. If instead of the actual patch, you would prefer to receive a virtual patch, then please fill out and submit the short request found under the Virtual Patches tab.

Find out if you are eligible for a patch by going to the Archive and selecting your course under December 31, 2011.
Valerie Meyer

Feb 16, 2012
Revised M/F-20 rankings applicable to the 2012 JWOC team selection, with a detailed explanation, are available here. The rankings have changed slightly due to a correction made to the results of one of the included events. Additionally, the JWOC team selection rankings will also include the newly added Sprint Black Diamond (2 events) being held on March 17.
Valerie Meyer